First Date: Tips For Making A Good Impression

The first date is the time of greatest potential in a blossoming relationship. Understandably, there's a lot of pressure on for both people during the first date. You might worry about saying or doing the wrong thing. Here are some simple tips for making the best impression possible on a first date.

Pay Attention

So much of making a first impression is attentiveness. You should be aware of your date, their needs, and their attitudes. Simple actions that show your date you're paying attention include:

  • Putting your phone away, or even leaving it at home. Your screen is a distraction, and it can be social a crutch that takes away from the chemistry of your date. Turn it on silent for the night. You can answer your texts and emails when the date is over.
  • Opening doors, pulling out chairs, or stepping aside. You want to defer to your date. Chivalry is not entirely dead, and while some may consider these types of gestures old-fashioned, they can show your date your awareness of them and your respect for them.
  • Noticing the little things. If there are puddles in the parking lot, choose a spot where your date doesn't have to step in the water when they climb out of the car. If the restaurant isn't busy, request a table away from the door so you don't feel drafts when others walk in. Little things make a big difference. 

Paying attention might seem like an obvious tip, but you'd be surprised how rare it can be to have a date who is attentive throughout the evening.

Dress Memorably

How you dress affect your first impression. You want to be yourself, but you also want to step it up, so to speak. The venue of the date makes a difference. For a nice restaurant a button-down shirt and slacks or a pretty dress might be perfect, but a simple date for music and drinks at the bar requires something a little more casual. No matter where you go, try to choose clothes that:

  • attract instead of distract. Well-fitting clothes accentuate your natural physical attractiveness, but clothes that are too tight on men and women actually distracts from your good features. You want people to see you first, not just what you are wearing.
  • are clean and well-cared for. Stains and sloppy attire won't do much for you, unless you're going to a monster truck rally. 
  • reflect your personality. Don't play it too safe. Choose one part of your outfit to really highlight who you are. You might choose a tie with a funky design or a piece of jewelry with a unique shape or color. 

Ask Questions

Finally, if you're worried about things to say and talk about, just remember to ask questions. Your date is interesting, and currently there are tons of things you don't know about them. Ask specific questions, and really listen to the answers. You can built your conversation for future dates off the foundation you lay on this one.

If you're still nervous consider hiring a dating coach from a place like Hitch Enterprises