Three Tips For Picking The Right Containers For Your Funeral And Cremation

In the past, many affluent people have preferred the simplicity of being cremated over having to worry about how a casket will hold up through the centuries. Nowadays, even more people are steering clear of a traditional casket and opting for a cremation urn so that their family can save money. If you decide to get cremated yourself after your funeral, here are three tips to help in picking out containers that are most suitable for your particular circumstances.

Go With A Temporary Casket Only If You Want A Very Elaborate Funeral

When choosing how you want your funeral and eventual cremation to go, the first and most fundamental choice you'll have to make will be whether you want a temporary casket to go with your urn. This casket will be used for a few hours during your funeral before getting discarded.

While there are large and fancy urns available, caskets are typically larger, more elaborate, and more expensive. So if you want a very simple and casual funeral, just getting an urn is often a more appropriate choice.

If You Care About Longevity, Get A Metal Urn

The only way to really ensure that you stay intact indefinitely is to purchase an urn made of a quality metal such as brass or stainless steel. While wooden urns may seem impressive relative to how little they cost, they'll eventually wither away when exposed to the elements.

For Both Caskets And Urns, Smoother Is Better

There's nothing wrong with having a lot of external embellishments on your casket or urn. But anything that protrudes too far, such as a small sculpture of a bird on the edge of a casket, is extremely vulnerable to chipping off while in storage.

Remember that a lot of time will pass between you first picking out a casket or urn and the actual funeral proceedings. So make sure that what you decide on is smooth and durable in addition to being visually appealing. It doesn't matter how good your casket or urn initially looks when a small piece of it breaking can completely ruin the impression it's supposed to make.

Since the containers you pick out for your funeral and cremation will be stuck in your loved ones' memories for such a long time, it makes sense to put a lot of thought into selecting what's most appropriate. As long as you do enough research ahead of time, it's not too hard to find an urn or casket that will be completely in line with your individual desires. For more advice, contact a company like Schmutzler-Vick Funeral Home & Cremation Service.